Know Who's In Your Building

Door Entry Systems

Know who’s in your building with A1 Complete Security’s you Will.

Security & Safety of Tenants and the Property is only as good as your Door Entry System. At A1 Complete Security Limited we supply & install a comprehensive and independent range of Door Entry Systems all designed to suit your individual requirements.

Door Entry Systems are predominantly used on Multiple Occupancy Blocks of Flats/Apartments. A Door Entry Panel is mounted next to the Main Entrance to the Building from which point a visitor can call up each individual property speak directly to the Tenant who via their own individual handset can allow their visitor into the building.

Small systems are usually ‘Function System’ and each apartment has it’s own number on the door entry panel, as the blocks get larger this is no longer practical and it is replaced with a ‘Digital System’. Tenants themselves obtain access via the Access Control System, the Door Entry panel has a built in Proximity Reader at which Tenants present their Token/Fob.

Door Entry Systems can be Audio only or Audio/Visual they can be install at one or more entrance points and can be Surface Mounted or Flush Mounted Vandal Resistant.

As we are an independent we are not tied to any particular supplier thus we can offer you the latest technology from numerous manufactures such as: Entrotec, Bell Systems, Fermax, Comelit, BPT, Airphone and many more. Access Control Systems from: Entrotec, PAC, Paxton, Honeywell, HID to name but a few.

At A1 Complete Security we have years of experience at putting together these systems ensuring you get the Best solution at a Very competitive price, that you will find very hard to beat.

You can be confident that we at A1 Complete Security will design and deliver a complete solution to protect you, your residents and your property.

Stop unauthorised access into your building NOW.

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