Know Who's In Your Building.

Access Control

Know who’s in your building with A1 Complete Security’s help you Will.

Security & Safety of Property/Employees is only as good as your Access Control System, stop unauthorised access into your building NOW.

A1 Complete Security Limited supply & install comprehensive and independent ranges of Access Control Devices to suit your individual requirements all at prices you will find very hard to BEAT.

From simple Stand-Alone Mechanical Keypads which can successfully control access to your Buildings/Property, to a Fully Integrated Controlled online Access Control Systems.

Mechanical Systems

The simplest and the most cost effective solution, by installing a mechanical push button Coded lock, which can be an integral part of the handle or a standalone system, fitted to your existing Door. No wiring or Batteries are required.

They are very Robust and require very little maintenance and can be easily and simply re-coded if required. Considered to be Low level Security and is commonly found in Commercial and Retail environments.

The next step up is the Electronic Coded Keypad, works in the same way as above, again can be readily fitted to your existing Door and can provide a Multiple number of access codes, so the Cleans could have one code, whilst Office Staff have another and Maintenance have another. Commonly 5 to 50 codes available but more if required.

Controlled Entry

Used when you want to directly control who you allow into you premises, traditionally an Entry panel is fitted next to your entrance door and your visitor presses the enquiry button which is linked via wires to your Reception desk handset and from there you can allow access via an electronic lock fitted to your entrance door. This system is available in Audio or Audio/Visual.

To prevent authorised person’s having to do the same, we can add an addition facility called a Proximity Reader which will allow entry using a Swipe Card or Proximity Token/Fob. This facility can be extended to multiple numbers of doors within the same building increasing the level of Security throughout your premises. These can be standalone systems or Network integrated. Now you know who came in, at what time and where they went/where you allowed them to go within your premises

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