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Counters and Security Screens



A counter is there to create a Physical Barrier, Somewhere to serve or a Point of Reference. You may require a Low, Medium, High Security or even Ballistic Counters - what ever you need, we at A1 Complete Security have years of experience in balancing Function, Security with a Design that will Aesthetic Enhance your premises.

Counter’s can be manufactured in a wide range and combination of materials, we utilise them all from Timber, Steel to Granit, be sure we can design the counter that is right for you. All at prices you will find very hard to BEAT.

Security Screens

Security Screens are primarily designed to protect your most valuable asset – You and your staff, they also protect everything else behind the screen.

Counters and Security Screens usually go together but not always, you may just need a Secure Glazed Screen fitted into an opening in the wall. At A1 Complete Security we have seen it all.

You will see around your own town many examples of Security Screen as they are widely used in
Financial Institutions, Cheque Cashing Office’s, Turf Accountants, Petrol Stations, Post Office’s, Royal
Mail, Pharmacy’s, Police Stations and Council Offices, to name but a few.

Security Screens come in Many and Varied design options and commonly we mix a variety of these
screens together to get your perfect Security Screen. Standard types of screen’s we commonly use:

  • Hamper Screens – Fitted onto the counter the Glazed screen protects only the lower part of the open space above the counter.
  • Fixed Glazed Screen – Usually a fully framed Glazed Screen which protect the entire opening, Options can include, Pass through gap at the bottom, or Multi Layer of Glass which create gaps to pass documents through. Both aid natural speech transfer.
  • Adjustable Screens, either Manual or Electrically operated, Part of the Glazed screen moves to create an opening of various sizes, this can be either Vertical or Horizontal. This type of screen gives the user total control of their environment.
  • Fire Resistant Screen’s, these can be used where a screen is required but is part of the Fire Exit route or in a Fire Wall.
  • Ballistic Screens, design to protect again the possible use of Firearms, these screen offer
    various levels of protection.

As with the Counters, we have years of experience in designing the Right Type of Screen, so use our Skill and Expertise to your advantage and get us to Design your New Counter and Screen for FREE with our no obligation quotation service.

Call A1 Completed Security Ltd on 0800 953 9001 for your FREE no obligation quotation
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